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    Resolved Immediate Wake from Sleep

    Hi, hope all are well! I've done multiple Hackintosh builds over the years and this is my first time encountering this problem. When I click sleep, fans will power down, lights turn off, then a second later it comes back up. No kernel panic, no freeze, nothing, it's just back up and ready to...
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    Intel Help me guys!! Is there any ".kext" for Atheros AR5B125 AR9485 (1) for macOS Catalina/Big Sur?

    My spec: My profile. Wifi Model: Qualcomm Atheros AR5B125 (AR94851) for Laptop Is there any kexts?
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    Black screen after patching UHD 630

    Hello there, I followed the guide posted on this forum to patch the UHD 630 on i5 9600K and Asus B360G. I know it worked because I am screensharing to my iPad and the iGPU is correctly detected with 1536MB of VRAM but no signal on the screen. Will this guide work for me or do I have to use...