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GC Alpine Ridge v2.0 Flashed macOS not recognized in windows 11

Hi, I have some news about the Titan Ridge with windows 11.

I think that the Titan Ridge Firmware 43 and 50 not working in windows 11, I downgrade it to version 23 and it's seams to work specially when I make some change in my PCI card order. Now my titan card it's in PCI #7 slot (use the card in the last PCIe Slot) reboot one time and plug out and plug in Lacie and it's work without problems .

Now the problem is that the Apple Thunderbolt Display it's not recognized at all and not showing up , now I think it will not working only with the Alpine Ridge card model as I read in some forums. for that I still need to Original firmware of the Alpine Ridge rev 2.0 Bin file to make the card recognized in windows first and after that we will check if it's will make the display working.

Please if someone have this version share it.

Thank you a lot my friends ;)
we have discovered another workaround but have not documented it yet.
Can you explain me that maybe it's can help me !! did you thing that the Titan ridge Can make the apple Thunderbolt display to be detected and work in windows via the adapter ??
The Gigabyte support seems to not like to provide me the Firmware of the Alpine Ridge rev2.0 and they said they only here team can do that when manufacturing the card with special tools !!

Can you check if you have the NVM33 of the alpine Ridge original version like : GC-ALPINE RIDGE-NVM21-V3-NATA.bin when I parse this bin file it's NVM33 and not NVM21-V3

This bin file make my Alpine Ridge card recognized by windows but not working for that maybe the original NVM33 can make the card work fine.

Thank you for your Help ;)

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