1. EliteMacx86

    USB WiFi Adapters Compatibility List [Sierra/High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina/Big Sur]

    Following are the list of compatible USB WiFi Adapters for Mac supporting from macOS Sierra to macOS Big Sur. Realtek Manufacturer Model Form Factor Standard VEN ID DEV ID Chipset OOTB Sierra High Sierra Mojave Catalina Big Sur ASUS USB 2.0 ❌ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Manufacturer Model...
  2. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Map your USB Ports on macOS

    How to Map your USB Ports on macOS An EliteMacx86 Exclusive Guide - This guide covers mapping of USB Ports on macOS Overview Often, the USB ports are not well recognised or have certain issues. To fix that, USBInjectAll.kext from Rehabman was serving the purpose along with USB port limit...
  3. D

    [Fix] USB Port Limit 10.14.4 by ©PMHeart

    PMHeart found a way how to fix the USB Port Limit Drama with this 3 KextsToPatch Entries. Just add them to your Config.plist and everything is great again. All credits goes out to @PMHeart PS: Personally I didn't check them out... Since I don't need them all because I use a custom USB Kext on...