unknown cpu

  1. Cyberdevs

    FIX How to fix Unknown CPU Error in About This Mac (Clover)

    If you get the Unknown CPU in About This Mac you can use the following settings according to your processor. Use IORegistry Explorer or IOJones to check the current "cpu-type" value for your processors. You can find the value by clicking the CPU0@0 like shown in the picture below: I have an...
  2. EliteMacx86

    How to generate SSDT for Unknown Processor Models using ssdtPRGen script

    Piker-Alpha has developed a script called ssdtPRGen which will generate a SSDT for your CPU. But for few CPUs which is not listed, or are the latest CPUs from Intel, has not been added to the list. Whenever you try to generate the SSDT, it says "Error: Unknown processor model" and then aborts...