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    Resolved macOS Monterey not starting (bootloop)

    I installed macOS Monterey, installed HD4000Patch, and now it's not starting. Intel HD 4000, i5 Ivy Bridge. Last debug lines before restart: #[EB|IRM:RMD] #[EB|B:RB] #[EB|WL] 0 0 0x01 0x41 6 0x0E #[EB|REBOOT] 1 #[EB|LOG:RESET:RECOVERY] 2022-01-06T15:20:40 Attached full log file. Linked...
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    Intel Can I install macOS Monterey?

    I have a HP EliteBook Folio 9470m. i5 Ivy Bridge, Intel HD 4000 1366x768. Currently Big Sur is installed. Can I install macOS Monterey? Will everything work? How can I do it?