1. E

    OpenCore Intel UHD 630 Dual Screen

    Hello, I have a problem with UHD 630. Problem is, I have a 2 external monitor and I plugin DP and HDMI on my labtop, after then, 2 externel monitor opened but 2 screen is same like a mirror, but not a mirror issue, I'm open the Settings->Display window and I see just 1 external monitor. Another...
  2. N

    Big Sur 11.6 on T3500 with OC 0.7.3

    Table of Contents Terms for beginners Requirements Quick Overview Download macOS Recovery & Create USB drive Setup USB for Legacy Boot & Mount OC ESP Add base OC files (Debug) Add kexts (Release) Add SSDTs (from the attached archive) Cleanup Tools Add Resources Setup config.plist BIOS Settings...
  3. Nancy10

    Kernel Panic on KBL graphics with HD620 after upgrading to catalina 10.15.5

    hey! I am trying to fix a kernel panic that occurred after trying to update to Catalina, right now I am not certain if it is due to the update somehow failing because I wasn't there when the update finished and I found myself rebooted into the KP. I have tried reinstalling macOS from the...