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Jul 22, 2018
Supermicro X11SPA-T
Intel Xeon W-3275 28 Core
2xAMD RX 580 8GB
OS X/macOS
  1. OpenCore (UEFI)
  1. Mac mini
  2. MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
  1. Android
  2. iOS
Please note that most of the issues can be resolved easily by using on of the following methods so the best way to activate the AMD GPUs or nVidia GPUs using the web driver are:

1. Use clover's on the fly patch
Name: com.apple.driver.AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy
Find: BA050000 00
Replace: BA000000 00
Comment: Disable board-id check to prevent no signal. credits: lvs1974, Pike R. Alpha, vit9696

2. Use Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext

Most of the times, the Graphics issue is due to incorrect configuration or missing drivers. Before you post, make sure to read the section. It's very likely that you'll fix the problem on your own by following few simple steps!

If you're unable to fix the issue, feel free to open a thread!

Several known Issues that you might encounter are described below:

Nvidia WebDriver doesn't load / GPU is not recognized

This usually happens when there's a lack of Native NVRAM or messy configuration. To fix this, a working NVRAM is required to save the configuration for enabling WebDrivers. To fix this issue, check this thread. Enable NVIDIA Graphics in macOS

No Graphics Acceleration available
The Graphics will not be activated unless if you've configured your NVIDIA Graphics. Without having a Graphics Acceleration, the system will lag and have artifacts. So if you're not able to get any Graphics Acceleration with your NVIDIA Graphics Card, probably you've forgot to install the NVIDIA WebDrivers. If installed, it has not been activated or configured properly. Also make sure that you don't boot with nv_disable=1. Doing so will prevent to load all NVIDIA Drivers resulting in no Graphics Acceleration.

System Profiler shows wrong amount of VRAM
This is usually caused by Injecting NVidia as True when using Clover. Uncheck it and you should be able to notice the difference with a correct amount of VRAM.

Kernel Panic while booting
If you've installed a graphics card which isn't supported by macOS stock drivers (e.g. Maxwell series), the macOS drivers may crash when they start to load during the boot process.
To boot into your system, use nv_disable=1. This will prevent all NVIDIA drivers from being loaded. Once you're up, Install and enable the NVIDIA Web Drivers as described here.

Dual Monitor setup doesn't work
This is usually caused by injecting NVIDIA as True when using Clover. This issue can also occur if when using faulty cables, and VGA connections. Make sure to install NVIDIA Drivers and activate it properly.

Black screen on boot
This issue is due to using a certain System Definitions such as MacPro 6,1, iMac 15/17. This will happen with certain system profiles, e.g. MacPro6,1, iMac15,1 or iMac17,1. For more information, read here : Black Screen with MacPro 6,1 or iMac 15 or iMac 17 System Definition

HDMI or DP ports not working
This is usually caused by injecting NVIDIA as True when using Clover. Unchecking the Inject NVIDIA will fix the issue. This issue can also occur if when using faulty cables or incorrect monitor settings.

No HDMI/DP Audio
HDMI/DP audio won't work OOB, follow NVIDIA HDMI/DP Guide.

No 4K/UHD Resolution
By default, when using NVIDIA GPU, you can drive a 4K/UHD resolution natively. The only requirement is your GPU and monitor should support 4K/UHD resolution. If you're having a working NVIDIA Graphics, but unable to drive a resolution with 4K/UHD, try replacing your faulty cable. For 4K/UHD, we recommend you to use a DP Cable as HDMI can provide low refresh rate and low resolution.

Display Distortion
If your display is distorted, there can be two reasons. The first reason is Your GPU doesn't supports NVIDIA Web Drivers. It might sound weird but it's true. Few cards such as NVIDIA GT430, GT630, GTX 550Ti etc. doesn't supports NVIDIA Web Drivers. To fix this issue, you'll need to remove NVIDIA Web Drivers and use the Default OS X Drivers. The second reason is probably using a faulty cable. Replacing the cable will fix the issue.

Glitches and Artifacts
If your GPU is working with Full QE/CI, you should not have any glitches, flashing or artifacts. But if you're having this issues, you're probably using a faulty cable. Replacing the cable will fix the issue.
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