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macOS Sonoma Developer Beta 5 Update
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Today, Apple released the macOS Sonoma Developer Beta 5 update with the build number (23A5312d) replacing the fourth build number (23A5301g) of Beta 4. This is the fifth beta release and is available for users enrolled in the Developer Beta Program. Registered developers can download and install the beta update through the Apple Developer Center after the appropriate profile is installed, available through the Software Update mechanism in the System Settings.

Along with this Beta 5 update, Apple has also released iOS17, iPadOS17, WatchOS10, and tVOS17 beta 5 for developers.

The macOS Sonoma (14.0) includes a variety of new features like Screen Savers, a new Lock Screen, the introduction of widgets, new messages features, and Profiles support in Safari which allows for unique profiles for different purposes such as work and school to keep things tidy, FaceTime video messages support and many other various changes and improvements.

Using Apple's Developer Program, any user can enroll their Apple ID and can participate in the Apple Developer program, which gives them access to be able to install macOS Sonoma Beta on a supported Mac. However, this should be limited to advanced users and users having secondary hardware. A related build will likely be released soon for public beta users as well.

What we know about macOS Sonoma 14 Updated Beta 5 so far...
  • Release Date - August 8, 2023
  • Build Number - 23A5312d
  • Update Size (Intel) - 1.99GB
  • Update Size (Silicon) - 1.99GB
  • System Firmware Version - 10151. (Mac mini M1)
  • OS Loader Version - 10151. (Mac mini M1)
Changes and Improvements
Resolved Issues

For detailed information about the content of this update, please visit: macOS Sonoma Beta Release Notes.

The fourth beta of macOS Sonoma Beta is quite stable and performs well in a fresh install as well as on the systems that have been updated using the Software Update method available in the System Settings. It still remains to be seen how stable macOS Sonoma Beta 5 is and what more bugs it brings.

As the name implies, the developer beta is specifically intended for developers and advanced users, any user can enroll their Apple ID in the Apple Developer Program, which means anyone can install macOS Sonoma Beta right now. Due to the buggy nature of the beta system software in general, this is not meant for general users but only appropriate for advanced users and for users having secondary hardware and should not be deployed on a production system or primary devices or in an enterprise and mission-critical environment, as there is always a chance of unexpected errors and bugs in the software that could result in a loss of functionality or even data loss since its a pre-release version. The more casually curious users should for a Public Beta, which is expected to be coming next month, or a Final release coming this fall.

macOS Sonoma will be in beta testing for a couple of months and the final release of macOS Sonoma will be available for all Mac users as a free software update this fall.

How to Download macOS Sonoma Beta 5?

If you're enrolled in the Apple Developer's Beta Program, you should see a notification (Software Update Available) in the System Settings, just below the Sign In option. If not, you can download the update using the steps below:

1. Click on the  Apple menu and choose System Settings.
2. Navigate to General and then click on Software Update.
3. Click on Update Now to begin downloading macOS Sonoma Beta 5 update.

Alternatively, you can click on System Settings from Dock and then click on Software Update to download the macOS Sonoma Beta 5 update.

Direct Download Link for macOS Sonoma Beta 5 Installer

If you're planning to perform a clean install of macOS Sonoma Beta 5 on your Mac, you can download the full installer of macOS Sonoma Beta 5 directly from Apple's server using the InstallAssistant.pkg file, which can be used to extract the Install macOS Sonoma beta.app to /Applications directory.

macOS Sonoma Beta 5 InstallAssistant.pkg

How to Install macOS Sonoma Beta 5?

This update can be installed on any supported Mac using the built-in Software Update functionality through macOS System Settings. To install the update, simply download the update using Software Update located in System Settings>General>Software Update. When prompted, click on Restart Now to process the update. Please note that your Mac may restart a couple of times to process the updates. Please ensure a proper backup of your data to protect your files during the update process.

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macOS Sonoma Supported Devices

If you're not sure whether your Mac supports macOS Sonoma, check out the guide linked below.
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