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macOS Sonoma Beta 2 (23A5276g) is out!

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Today, Apple released the macOS Sonoma 14 Beta 2 (23A5276g) update. This is the second beta update of macOS Sonoma that is available for users enrolled in the Developer Beta Program.

Existing users running macOS Sonoma Beta (14.0) who wish to update their systems directly to macOS Sonoma Beta 2, can upgrade now. Please be advised that due to being in the beta phase, it may contain several bugs and that is why it is not recommended to use it as a daily driver. This method does not involve bootable USB creation or such preparation and allows you to preserve your files along with the system settings.

If you plan to perform a clean installation, follow the guide linked below

What we know about 14 Beta 2 (23A5276g) so far...
  • macOS Build 23A5276g
For detailed information about the content of this update, please visit: macOS Sonoma Beta Release Notes.

The first beta of macOS Sonoma Beta is surprisingly stable and performs well in a fresh install as well as on the systems that have been updated using the Software Update method available in the System Settings. Although a variety of third-party apps crash regularly, the macOS Sonoma Beta 2 feels as stable as any other prior beta release. It still remains to be seen how stable macOS Sonoma Beta 2 is and what more bugs it brings. The final release of macOS Sonoma will be available for all Mac users as a free software update this fall.

Before you Update:

- Ensure your bootloader is up to date.
- Ensure your Kexts are up to date.
- Ensure your USB Ports are properly mapped.

How to Install macOS Sonoma Beta 2?

To install macOS Sonoma Beta 2, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Backup your System

As this is a beta update, this update may break some functionality. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to perform a full backup of your existing installation using Carbon Copy Cloner or Time Machine, or any other reliable backup/restore tool. In case the update fails to process or you encounter any issues with the update, you can always roll back to your existing installation.

STEP 2: Update your Bootloader

Whether you're running Clover or OpenCore, you must update your existing bootloader to the latest possible version for a hassle-free update experience. If you're using Clover, you must update it to (5152) or newer, and if you're using OpenCore, you must update it to (v0.9.3) or newer. The prebuilt binaries can be downloaded from the forum's Download section.

STEP 3: Update your Kexts

Unlike the bootloader, you must update the kexts too. The essential kexts are Lilu, VirtualSMC, WhateverGreen, and AppleALC. If you're using some other kext and an update is available, you should update that too.You can find the pre-built version of the essential kexts in the forum's Download section. This is mandatory for the smooth update ensuring the update doesn't break the system and enter into a loop state or result in an unbootable system.

STEP 4: Update Kernel Patches

If you're using an AMD System, you'll also need to update the Kernel Patches. Do not use these Kernel Patches if you're using an Intel based CPU.

With the release of macOS Sonoma, Apple has again dropped support for their obsolete Mac models (up to Skylake) and therefore you'll need to update the SMBIOS data to 2018 and later. To update the SMBIOS data, follow the guide linked below.

STEP 6: Install macOS Sonoma Beta 2

This update can be installed on any supported system running macOS Sonoma Beta using the built-in Software Update functionality through macOS System Settings provided that you're enrolled in the Apple Developer's Beta Program. To install the update, simply download the update using Software Update located in System Settings>General>Software Update. When prompted, click on Restart Now to process the update.

However, if you've not enrolled, or unable to get the software update in the System Settings, you can download an official copy of macOS Sonoma Beta 2 directly from Apple Server using the guide linked below.

Using this full installer, you can update your system to macOS Sonoma Beta 2. Once you have obtained the Install macOS Sonoma beta.app, simply open it and continue with the on-screen instructions and you should be on macOS Sonoma Beta 2 (23a5276g).

Please note that your system may restart a couple of times to process the updates.

Testing is now underway- this post will be updated. Good luck, and let us know how it goes! Report your results here.
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