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How to Inject EDID [Clover/OpenCore]

An EliteMacx86 Exclusive Guide - This guide covers implementation of EDID using Clover and OpenCore


EDID stands for Extended Display Identification Data. The EDID contains all the information of a display in a metadata format. Some of the basic information includes display model, resolution, and refresh rate. Normally, the OS will detect the EDID automatically for the Display device connected and will include all the possible settings. However, in few cases, the EDID may not be correct and due to this, you can have certain issues like color, sleep/wake, etc.

Note that it's generally not needed unless you have some sort of issues due to automatic detection of EDID by OS.

Finding EDID

To find EDID on Mac, follow the steps below.
Download IOReg.
Type "display" in the search box.
You should see something similar like the screenshot attached below.
Screenshot 2020-12-20 at 5.17.08 PM.png

Find the "AppleDisplay" which is located under display0 node. This is where the active display connected to the particular framebuffer. On the right pane, you'll have several properties. Look for "IODisplayEDID" and you should see something similar like the screenshot attached below.
Screenshot 2020-12-20 at 5.23.04 PM.png

The IODisplayEDID is where your display EDID is located. To copy the EDID, simply click on IODisplayEDID and then double click on the EDID Value.
Copy the complete value and paste the copied value in any text file.

The display node can be GFX0 or IGPU, if renamed properly.

Injecting EDID

Now, as we've EDID value, we can inject it using config.plist for macOS.
To inject the EDID, follow the steps below.
Mount your ESP.
Open your config.plist.

For Clover:
If you're using Clover, go to Devices section, and under properties, add the following Property key

Properties Key*Properties ValueValue Type
AAPL00,override-no-connectYour EDID ValueDATA

For OpenCore:
If you're using OpenCore, go to DeviceProperties, go to Add section and add the following property key

AAPL00,override-no-connectYour EDID ValueDATA

Paste the EDID Value which you copied from IOReg.

Save your config.plist.

You must remove < and > from the copied value from IOReg.

Restart your System

After performing all the above steps, restart your system for the applied changes to take effect.
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