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Jul 22, 2018
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Mac App Store is one of the most amazing features on Mac which lets you quickly download all the Mac related Applications at one place.
On a Hackintosh, users might face some issues when logging into App Store. So here's a quick guide to fix all those login related issues.

For a working App Store, the built-in Ethernet must be set to "en0". So make sure your Ethernet is working properly.
On a Desktop, all the motherboards have a built-in Ethernet. @Cyberdevs has written a great guide for enabling ethernet on your hardware. You can follow his guide here:

For Laptop users
In case if you're having a laptop, some laptops may not have a built-in Ethernet port. So for those laptops, you have two options which are listed below.
  1. Replace the WiFi with a compatible hardware
  2. Use an iPhone, iPad
With addition to these, another requirement is there. A working SMBIOS according to your system configuration.

To check if your Ethernet or the WiFi is set to "en0" or not, you can use either System Report or DPCIManager.

If your device is not set to "en0" follow the steps below:

Set Ethernet to en0
By default the network devices you configure on your system such as ethernet, WiFi, Hotspot etc, will be set to en0, en1, en2, … by which device is recognised first. In order to set ethernet to en0, You'll need to reset the network configuration.

Follow the steps below to reset the network configuration
1. Go to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and delete these files/folders:

  • CaptiveNetworkSupport
  • NetworkInterfaces.plist
2. Go to System Preferences
3. Then go to Network, select all available connections and hit the Minus button to delete them, then hit Apply.
4. Empty the Trash
5. Reboot
6. Go to System Preferences
7. Then go to Network,
8. Click on the Plus button as no network device has been configured yet.
9. Select the Interface from the drop down list.
10. Click on Apply

Note :
  • Make sure to add the Ethernet as a first interface.
Verify en0
Use System Report or DPCIManager to check if the Ethernet is set to en0.

Note :
For Laptops users, if you're having the Ethernet port, then set it as en0.
If you're not having a built-in Ethernet port, the other devices you use, follow the above steps to set it to en0.

Working SMBIOS
According to your system configuration, the SMBIOS should be applied. If you're having a incorrect SMBIOS, follow the guide here:

Restart your System
1. After making all the changes, restart your system
2. Open App Store
3. Login with your Apple ID
4. You should be downloading in next minute.
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