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How to Download macOS Monterey on Unsupported Mac

An EliteMacx86 Exclusive Guide - This guide covers downloading a copy of macOS Monterey, unofficially.


Recently, Apple announced their new macOS lineup i.e macOS Monterey 12.0 which is Apple's newest and most awaited OS. Big Sur adding massive updates and improvements from its predecessor, Catalina.

Packed with new features and functionality, the most noticeable update can be seen and experienced is the new GUI. Featuring a much more "iOS" look and feel and as smooth as butter. With each release of macOS, Apple remove supports for old hardware.

Unfortunately, with the the release of macOS Monterey, Apple has officially dropped support for their several Mac lineups including Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook and Mac mini. Luckily, for our fans and readers though, we've already covered a complete installation guide step-by-step.

If you're having an Unsupported Mac and plan to run macOS Monterey, you can check out our exclusive installation guide for Unsupported Mac lineups below.

For Mac Pro
For iMac
For Mac mini

Normally, you can obtain a copy of macOS Monterey via System updates under System Preferences or can simply use App Store. But as you're using an unsupported Mac, you won't be able to get new updates as you're using unsupported Mac and Apple will block updates for new OS. However, there's another workaround available and you can download the copy of macOS Monterey very easily.

Downloading macOS Monterey

The next step is to download the script. corpnewt has developed a script called gibMacOS which will let you download the copy of macOS from High Sierra to Monterey.

Before you start, make sure you're having a working and stable internet connection.

STEP 1: Downloading gibMacOS

The very first step is to download gibMacOS. To download gibMacOS, follow the steps below.

1. Visit gibMacOS on your Mac.
2. Click on Code button and then select Download Zip.

3. Extract the .Zip file to your working directory.

STEP 2: Downloading macOS Monterey
The next step is to download macOS Monterey using the gibMacOS script. To download macOS Monterey, follow the steps below.

1. Double click on gibMacOS.command to open.
You'll get a list of available products for the download like below.

2. From the options, type "C" and press enter key and you'll get SU Catalog.

3. From the options, select 4 which is for Developers and press enter key and It will start downloading the catalog.

4. Type 1 which is for "macOS 12 Beta 12.0 (21A5248p)."

The script will start downloading the files. Once the download is completed, you'll see the following screen.

The downloads can be found under the following directory.
/Users/yourusername/Downloads/gibMacOS-master/macOS Downloads/developer/071-51840 - 12.0 macOS 12 Beta

Replace "yourusername" with your actual username.

STEP 3: Accessing macOS Monterey Installer

The next step is to access macOS Monterey installer. To access the installer, follow the steps below.

1. Open the InstallAssistant.pkg file using double click which you downloaded in step #2.
2. Install the package file. When promoted, enter your password and proceed with the installation.

After installing the package file, the macOS Monterey installer will appear under Applications folder.

You can use this installer to upgrade or clean install macOS Monterey on your system.

4. Quit the Terminal.

Now, you can use the image to create a Bootable USB. To create a Bootable USB, follow the guide below.
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