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Jul 22, 2018
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Common Problems in macOS Ventura (13.0)

This thread is for common problems in macOS Ventura. The problems listed here are likely to be experienced by users who attempt to install macOS Ventura 13.0.

This is not a troubleshooting thread. Please do not ask questions regarding your specific issue in this thread. If you're having an issue, create a separate thread. If you're having a problem to report or have a workaround to resolve the problems listed here, regarding the installation or function in macOS Ventura, you can reply to this thread.

macOS Ventura requires the following
  • OpenCore v0.8.2 or later
  • Updated Kexts
  • -lilubetaall bootarg

On a side note, it would be best to disable WiFi and Bluetooth related kexts and it applies to both, Broadcom and Intel.

A required firmware update could not be installed
If you're installing macOS Ventura, you might have seen this error in the second phase of the installation, where it boots from macOS Installer to continue the installation, but then prompts with A required firmware update could not be installed. This is mostly happening on the systems requiring AvoidRuntimeDefrag Quirk. 300 series Motherboards are mainly affected.

For users having this issue, read here

IGPU Graphics Acceleration
Apple dropped all the IGPU Graphics support up to Skylake. Users with Skylake and prior would not be able to use their IGPU, until there is a development from OCLP team. To install on systems with unsupported IGPU, use -igfxvesa in boot arg.

For Skylake Users

NVIDIA Graphics Acceleration
With macOS Monterey, Apple completely removed support for NVIDIA. However, a workaround was to use OCLP, but at the moment, the OCLP is unable to patch the system on macOS Ventura.

No Disk in Disk Utility
Some SATA Controllers are removed in macOS Ventura. The solution is to use CtlnaAHCIPort.kext

No USB Ports
Since macOS Big Sur 11.3, Apple made some changes and the XHCI Port Limit patch was broken. A solution is to map the ports.

Administrator User Name and Password Requirement during macOS Ventura Beta 2 Clean Install
Since macOS Ventura Beta 2, the installer requires a Username and Password during a clean installation. The solution is provided below.

No WiFi and Bluetooth function
On macOS Ventura, the WiFi and Bluetooth may not work. A solution is to update Lilu, VirtualSMC, and the Bluetooth related kexts. In addition, the USB ports must be mapped.

No Ethernet
On macOS Ventura, there is a very likely chance that your Ethernet won't work, including built-in any PCIe based such as AQuantia. To fix this issue, you'll need to enable VT-d on your System. Note that some systems may require memory mapping (fixing DMAR Table).

Cannot Update to macOS Ventura Beta 3
Since macOS Ventura Beta 3, OC v 0.8.2 no longer works and you need to update the OC to v 0.8.3 along with all the necessary kexts. Once upgraded, boot with the new version and proceed with the upgrade. Clover users need to use 5148 release.
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