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    [GUIDE] How to create Ubuntu USB on macOS

    How to create Ubuntu USB on macOS Creating a Ubuntu Installation USB is quite easy. Let's start, but first, you'll need: A 2GB or larger USB stick/flash drive An Apple computer or laptop running macOS An Ubuntu ISO file. You can download it from here. First, we're going to format the drive...
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    [GUIDE] How to Create Windows 10 Installation USB on Windows

    How to do a Windows 10 Installation USB on Windows Let's start downloading Rufus from here. Connect your USB stick with almost 8GB or more, and make a backup of the data you've on it. Rufus while started to do the USB stick, will erase the whole USB stick. In Rufus, select the USB stick, the...
  3. EliteMacx86

    How to create macOS Mojave Public Beta Installation USB

    The next macOS 10.14, named macOS Mojave, has been announced and coming this fall. Here's a quick guide to create macOS Mojave Beta installation USB for your build. Download macOS High Sierra 1. Visit and enroll in the Free Beta Software Program 2. Download Public Beta Access...