1. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Fix Drive not detected during macOS Installation

    How to Fix Drive not detected during macOS Installation This guide covers fixing Drives not detected in Disk Utility during macOS installation. Overview When installing macOS, at Disk Utility, you might have noticed that the target drive (either SATA/M.2/NVMe) drives does not appear. This is...
  2. EliteMacx86

    Storage Compatibility for macOS

    Storage Compatibility for macOS Intel AHCI and RAID Controllers Vendor Chipset Series VEN ID:EV ID Support Kext Intel 5 Series Chipset 8086:3b29 8086:3b22 8086:3b2f Intel 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset SATA RAID Controller 8086,3b25 8086,3b2C Intel 6 Series Chipset 8086:1c02 8086:1c03...
  3. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to use NVMe and M.2 Drives on macOS Sierra

    With the introduction of NVMe and M.2 Drives, which provides more speed than a normal SSD or Hard Drive, can be used on hackintoshes without any issues. Apple has been already using their compatible NVMe drives which is not only faster but supports many features and works out of the box. For...