1. VWarior

    Laptop Big Sur

    Hello, I am looking to do a hackintosh with my laptop. I created my USB key on my iMac, the Big Sur files have been created. Can anyone help me with my EFI case? At startup, it says: AppleIntelLpssI2CController. Thanks in advance
  2. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Fix App Store Login Issues

    Mac App Store is one of the most amazing features on Mac which lets you quickly download all the Mac related Applications at one place. On a Hackintosh, users might face some issues when logging into App Store. So here's a quick guide to fix all those login related issues. For a working App...
  3. Cyberdevs

    FIX How to fix Unknown CPU Error in About This Mac (Clover)

    If you get the Unknown CPU in About This Mac you can use the following settings according to your processor. Use IORegistry Explorer or IOJones to check the current "cpu-type" value for your processors. You can find the value by clicking the CPU0@0 like shown in the picture below: I have an...