1. mooseknuckleboi

    GUIDE How to Flash Custom Firmware on Thunderbolt Card for macOS

    Overview Following is a Thunderbolt firmware flashing guide exclusively for macOS. The guide is applicable for Motherboards having Built-In Thunderbolt, Laptops and Add-In Cards. The method is tested by us on the following Add-In Card. GIGABYTE GC-Alpine Ridge, Thunderbolt 3 GIGABYTE...
  2. Cyberdevs

    How to create custom SSDT-UIAC

    Few years ago I wrote a guide on How to install macOS Sierra on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 and a friend of mine SavageAUS wrote this section on how to create the custom SSDT-UIAC as a part of the guide, I hope you guys find it useful.) How to create custom SSDT-UIAC: A quick rundown on how to create a...