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    iMac A1312 - Upgrade to Big Sur

    Hello, I have got multiple issues here. I recently bought a iMac 27" from Mid 2010. The person I bought it from told me that the logicboard was broken, but showed me the GPU that was taken out by an "expert". My first question is how can I find out if it's just the GPU or the whole logicboard...
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    [GUIDE] macOS mojave 10.14.4 on Dell 5559

    Specs of the laptop Intel Core i5-6200U (Working Nicely 52*C- 60*C on C6 state) Intel HD 520 (Working) AMD R5 M335 (Testing/ Partial Success) 8 GB RAM (2x 1600mhz Detecting Dual Channel) 1 TB SATA HDD (Working) HDMI (Working) DVD (Working) Realtek ALC3234 audio (working) Intel 3160 WiFi card...