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    plz help me fix the shutdown isuue on Big Sur 11.6

    Hello Every time i try to shutdown my laptop ,it reboots. I need a guide instructions or quickFix Thanks Im using Lenovo v-110 15ISK 80TL,12 GB RAM,SSD 128GB,i3 6006U Dual core I try dortanias OpenCore Guide but it lacks of instructions. Its inadequate...
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    plz help me enable Intel AC-3165 on lenovo v-110 15ISK

    Hello, I have installed Catalina on Lenovo v-110 but the wifi does not work. Could you help me enable it? thanks
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    Plz!! Help me to update from Catlina 10.15.7 to Monterey

    Hello Does anybody have a guide on how to update from Catalina 10.15.7 To Monterey? Thanks