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    [SOLVED] Dell XPS 9360 "ASF2 Force OFF"

    Hi, I installed Monterey successfully on my Dell XPS 9360 (i7-8550u/UHD620/QHD Display). But now I've got a problem: almost always when I use my laptop on battery the laptop just dies, no power at all, and I cannot even turn it back on. I need to plug in the DC adapter to get it back on (USB-C...
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    Intel UHD620 no GPU acceleration

    Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to get monterey working on my Dell Xps 13 9360 (i7-8550u/UHD620). I found many efis from other users that didn't work for me and I tried to create one myself. I spoofed the gpu using device-id 16590000 as listed on WhateverGreen's faq. But hardware...