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    Dual Thunderbolt 3 [X299X Designare 10G]

    So, I'm using the internal TB3 of the board to run an Sonnet Echo Express 3 with Avid HDX Card And a CalDigit TS3-Plus. Connection is: - TB3 Port to Sonnet EX3 - To TS3+ I'm using the Displayport of the TS3+ to run a display. Using 1 TB3 port for EX3 and one for TS3+ doesn't work, always one...
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    Z77X-UD5H <> Titan Ridge 2.0

    Hi, I think this is easier to reply to. So my system specs: Z77X-UD5H-F16_Modded_Bios (f16 mod 11) i7-3770k - HD4000 (Pure compute) 32GB DDR3-1600 AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 (Vendor HP) [PCIe Slot 1] 1x 250 GB SSD for MacOS 1x 250 GB SSD for Audio 1x NVMe SSD via Adapter for audio [PCIe Slot 3]...