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    HEY TEAM EliteMacx86 I am facing a lot of problems with the current EFI i am using so I want to create a perfect EFI with everything working so can u please attach links for creating a perfect EFI for laptop (Including ACPI Patching for battery) Please Thank you
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    Boot Chime not working in HP elitebook 840 G1

    Hey team EliteMacx86, I wanted boot chime in my hackintosh running MacOS Monterey (12.3.1). So what I did is followed the video guide in the EliteMacx86 channel. But after I reastarted it ,It did not work . I am using AppleALC as audio kext please say if i should change anything EFI will be...
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    AppleALC Earphone mic not working

    Hey Team EliteMacX86 I wanted to use my Earphone microphone as my manditory as my inbuilt microphone is not so good quality but the problem is I use Lates AppleALC kext and it is not showing me my extrernal microphone only internal is been shown is there any fix?
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    TrackPad Gesture Fix

    Hey team EliteMacx86, I want to use gesture in my trackpad as right now nothing is working .
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    How to get Battery percentage in macOS Monterey.

    Hey team EliteMacx86, I have succesfully installed macOS monterey in My laptop. But now i want to get my battery percentage so how do i get it please and thankyou. Regards, Pranay
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    Intel HD 4400 not working on Monterey

    Hey team EliteMacx86, I successfully installed mac os bigsur in my laptop but i want to install xcode which is only supported in mac os montery and above (12.0). So i updated my hackintosh but it did not boot so what i did is created a monterey bootable usb and tried installing but when i booted...
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    How to fix Airdrop in Hackintosh BigSur 1.6.4

    Guys every thing is working in my laptop including handoff but the only thing not working is Airdrop, is there a way to fix it?
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    Change default boot drive

    Guys I want to change my default boot entry from windows to macOS drive in opencore bootloader can anyone help Pleaseee
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    Trackpad not working

    Guys my trackpad is not working in my hp elitebook840 G1 running bigsur 11.2.2 Can anyone help please?
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    Should I update to Montery

    Guys can I update my os from mac os big sur to macOS Monteray? My laptop is a HP elitebook 840 g1
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    Display brightness

    Hey guys i am not able to fix my display brightness in my HP elitebook840 G1 Running mac os big sur 11.2.2 Please say a FIx
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    Apple alc not working

    Hi guys I installed mac os bigsur 11.2.2 in my hp elitebook 840 but i can't fix my audio using AppleALC.kext so if u can fix it it would be great help. My EFI 👆, fix it and give :(.
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    Boot error

    Before booting to open core a error comes up and then when it boots it does not show installer file please help!
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    My audio is not working

    Can you please edit this EFI and to fix audio and send it back? pleasseeeeeeeeeeee EFI 👆