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    Asus UX501VW | Intel Core i7-6700HQ | 16GB RAM | Intel UHD Graphics 530 | 4K display

    Hello everyone, I successfully installed Big Sur on Asus UX501VW with an external monitor connected to HDMI, but the internal UHD display doesn't work and after booting it shows some text and freezes until I connect the external monitor, but the graphics accelerator works well with the external...
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    Asus Z590-P - i5-11400 - AMD RX 5700XT - OpenCore Big Sur (Solved)

    Hello, I successfully installed Big Sur on my build with MB: Asus Z590-P CPU: Core i5 11400 GPU: Radeon RX580 & RX5700XT (both work) everything is working fine except my audio, I installed AppleALC and added alcid (69 and 66) in boot-args. as you can see the output device shows up in the...