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  1. EliteMacx86

    Black screen /bootloader bootlop issue when installing sonoma

    Try a couple of NVRAM resets. Also, make sure that the GPU is installed in the X16 Slot and you're using a certified HDMI Cable. Try to plug/unplug the HDMI Cable and then check. If using DP, try the same.
  2. EliteMacx86

    Problem with instalation sonoma 14.3.1

    Can you explain it more clearly?
  3. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Install macOS Sonoma on PC [Intel/AMD]

    Yes, what is it?
  4. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Fix Reboot Loop when installing or Updating to macOS Sonoma 14.4

    This is not the KP but a prohibited sign as the system cannot find the root device.
  5. EliteMacx86

    Acer Nitro 5 - Continuous hissing noise with 3.5 Combojack headphones ALC295

    That's not required for this fix. Check your inbox!
  6. EliteMacx86

    ACL295 - Headphone do not work, trying to fix

    The best fix as of now is using JackFix. If either of you two are ready to tests, a new fix can be updated in the original thread. EDIT: @hoaugtran and @iwissem the guide has been updated as of today. Please test it and report. Thanks
  7. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Fix Bluetooth on macOS Monterey and Later

    Have you passthrough the USB Controller or the specific BT Device to the macOS? Attach a copy of IOReg to diagnose further.
  8. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Fix Broadcom Ethernet on macOS [Clover/OpenCore]

    Does that work for you now?
  9. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Enable Intel WiFi and Bluetooth on macOS [Clover/OpenCore]

    Attach Hackintool PCIe Report.
  10. EliteMacx86

    Radeon Pro WX4100 not working on macOS Sonoma

    Attach the EFI you're using to boot.
  11. EliteMacx86

    High Refresh Rate not working

    Attach the EFI you're using to boot.
  12. EliteMacx86

    ASRock B760 Pro RS/D4 works perfectly in Sonoma but Radeon Pro W5700 has problems!!!!

    Why are you using EnableWriteUnprotector and RebuildAppleMemoryMap together? Secondly, you should not use ResizableBAR. Disable it using -1. Remove RadeonSensor and SMCRadeonGPU.kext.
  13. EliteMacx86

    Dell XPS 8700 (haswell I7) with AMD RX580 - Sonoma 14.3

    Attach Hackintool PCIe info.
  14. EliteMacx86

    NootedRed black screen ASUS A320M-K + AMD Athlon 3000G int Radeon Vega 3

    Use iMac20,1 SMBIOS and you should be good to go!
  15. EliteMacx86

    Rx 570 pink screen

    What's the GPU vendor? Also, are you using DVI to DVI or DVI to HDMI/DP?
  16. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Enable Intel HD and UHD Graphics on macOS - Intel Framebuffer Patching Guide

    LVDS is 02 00 00 00. The rest of the instructions are same. Then your particular screen may need EDID patching. This could be a result of incorrect framebuffer patching. Your thread is already in progress. Please stick to that.
  17. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Spoof Graphics on macOS [Intel/AMD/NVIDIA]

    Read here: https://elitemacx86.com/threads/how-to-enable-nvidia-graphics-on-macos-monterey-and-later.925/
  18. EliteMacx86

    GUIDE How to Enable Intel HD Graphics (Haswell, Broadwell and Skylake) on macOS Ventura and Later

    Try to reset NVRAM and then check. Make sure the OC and the kexts are updated.
  19. EliteMacx86

    SOLVED BIOS can't see Windows after Time machine backup

    Glad you solved it on your own. Closing this thread!