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OpenCore Legacy Patcher 0.4.5

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OpenCore Legacy Patcher

A Python-based project revolving around Acidanthera's OpenCorePkg and Lilu for both running and unlocking features in macOS on supported and unsupported Macs.

Changelog v0.4.5​

  • Fix AutoPatcher.pkg download on releases
    • Fix backported to 0.4.4 release binaries
  • Add Macmini8,1 FeatureUnlock support
    • Drops CPU check, supports all machines
  • Refactor Root Patching System
    • Adds preflight checks validating patch set data and presence
    • Adds dynamic Sandy Bridge Board ID patching
      • Allows for unrestricted SMBIOS usage with AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB
    • Adds OpenCL downgrade for TeraScale 2
      • Resolves VNC support (credit IronApple#2711)
    • Fix SecureBootModel detection
  • Add OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher.plist for applied patch info
    • Located under /System/Library/CoreServices
    • Lists patch sets applied including files installed and removed
  • Add preinstall script to AutoPatcher
    • Removes old patcher files before installing new
  • Add Serial Number Spoofing
    • For recycled machines where MDM was mistakenly left on
  • Add sys_patch file validation during CI
  • GUI Enhancements:
    • Add GUI Prompt for booting mismatched OpenCore configs
      • ex. Booting MacBookPro8,1 config on MacBookPro11,1
    • Add Checksum verification to InstallAssistant.pkg download
    • Fix showing latest 12.4 remote installers
    • Add local Root Patcher version info when previously patched
      • Helps notify users they already patched, or should be repatched with a newer version
  • Add error handling to non-standard/malformed OpenCore Boot Path
  • Non-Metal Enhancements:
    • Add work-around to double clock bug introduced in macOS 12.4
    • Resolve non-functioning Dismiss buttons bug introduced in macOS 12.4
    • Refresh Status Bar when item length changes
    • Add smoother transition for auto appearance
  • Increment Binaries:
    • PatcherSupportPkg 0.4.1 - release
  • Fix Bluetooth support in 12.4 Release
    • Applicable for BCM2046 and BCM2070 chipsets

Key Features​

  • Support for macOS Big Sur and Monterey
  • Native Over the Air(OTA) System Updates
  • Supports Penryn and newer Macs
  • Full support for WPA Wifi and Personal Hotspot on BCM943224 and newer chipsets
  • System Integrity Protection, FileVault 2, .im4m Secure Boot and Vaulting
  • Recovery OS, Safe Mode and Single-user Mode booting on non-native OSes
  • Unlocks features such as Sidecar and AirPlay to Mac even on native Macs
  • Enable enhanced SATA and NVMe power management on non-stock hardware
  • Zero firmware patching required (ie. APFS ROM patching)
  • Graphics acceleration for both Metal and non-Metal GPUs


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