With new 2.4 release you can have SIP enabled.

  • Optimized for macOS Mojave DP10
  • Fixed Code Signing issue which resulted the app to crash on macOS Mojave DP9
  • Fixed the certification issue. (Please let me know if there is an issue opening the image files or the app)
  • Adding a new feature to rebuild LaunchServices to remove duplicate "Open With" menu items
  • Adding a new feature to repair system extensions permissions (/L/E and /S/L/E)
  • Adding a new feature to rebuild XPC Caches
  • Fix for application crash on macOS Mojave DP7 (Thanks to @Matgen84 for testing and the bug report)
  • Fix some typo in the app's GUI (Thanks to @JennyDavid and @ricoc90 for finding the typo)
  • Now it's called Mac Optimizer
  • New interface and UI design
  • Performance Improvements
  • Recoded the app in Objective-C and AppleScript

With my special thanks to @JennyDavid for her great help on this project!
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