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Hackintool is not an automated patching tool that does all the work for you. Knowledge is required on how to patch before using it. Please read the Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen guide before you download this tool! I also recommend you read Daliansky's Hackintool tutorial (a proper English translation would be welcome).

- Supports Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Cannon Lake and Ice Lake generations
- Create All, Connectors or VRAM patches
- Detect Changes for auto patch creation
- Create Clover patches in hex, base64 or Devices/Properties formats
- Displays native GPU and Model identifiers
- Display and edit Memory Info such as Stolen, Framebuffer, VRAM, Cursor etc.
- Roll over some items for additional info (Tooltips)
- Reads "live" data directly from Framebuffer kexts (if available; see Mojave note below)
- File->Open framebuffer file generated by WhateverGreen's -igfxdump boot flag
- File->Export->Clover config.plist / File->Export->Framebuffer.txt file
- Patch audio layout id
- Add USB port limit patch
- Plug and unplug USB2 / USB3 devices and set port connector types then generate a USBPorts.kext
- Advanced patching options (DVMT pre-alloc 32 MB, VRAM 2048 MB, Disable eGPU, Enable HDMI20 (4K), DP -> HDMI, GfxYTile Fix, Reboot Fix, USB port Limit, Spoof Audio Device Id, FB Port Limit, Spoof Gfx Device Id)

Headkaze (InsanelyMac.com)
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