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Macos and maxwell gpu

Hi everyone, I have a question to ask you, I'm practically new to this field so excuse my ignorance.
I wanted to know if with macos sonoma it is possible to use a gtx 745 or otherwise the intel hd 4600 just to try the operating system before spending more than €1000.

my configuration is quite old a lenovo desktop with an i7 4790 8gb ram and the gtx 745.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me some clarification.

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Need help installing mac os sonoma

Hey everyone! i installed mac os big sur on my lenovo laptop
(can't remember the name but here are the specs:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 5300U
RAM: 8GB 3200HZ
big sur works prefectly fine (except for the trackpad for whatever reason... tried everything) but i want to upgrade to sonoma!!
so i make my efi configuration, prepare the usb
but everytime i try to boot my sonoma usb the pc goes in kernel panic, without generating any type of log.
(to make the efi i followed this tutorial)
Login to view embedded media thank you to everyone that wants to help me
efi file:


  • EFI.zip
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MediaTek MT series Wi-Fi and BT drivers

So, i was doing my efi, and then i realised that i need a kext for my BT and Wi-Fi drivers, i searched for 12 hours straight and i found nothing. can somebody help me out? I'm tired and I need a crap ton of help.

~That's drewassus

Specs :
MediaTek MT7921 WLAN and BT
Realtek Audio

Asus High Definition Monitor
Hewlett-Packard x27i

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Not Possible to Install on AMD R5 5600h

I was trying to install MacOS for 2 years on AMD Ryzen 5 5600h with Radeon Graphics and Graphic Card RX 5500M , 8 GB RAM, Laptop Model is HP victus 16.5' , I tried VMware , VirtualBox and Direct Install to hardware with Most Possible version like "Montery" , "High Sierra", "Catalina", "Ventura" and with OpenCore install but still , I am unable to install, 😒 I tried to create My own EFI but everytime I failed , Idk what is problem , Can anyone share their EFI for this config ? Recently I tried this EFI and I got stuck on OpenCore Bootloader. after passing loots code on screen It returns to OpenCore Bootloader without any visible error on even OpenCore LOG and screen .


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Black screen during Ventura installation

Hi guys

I've been trying to install Ventura on my machine since yesterday, but when I get to the installation screen it always loads for about 10 minutes and then gets a black screen without completing the installation... (Monterey works)

I've already tried most of the arguments in boot-args but without success.

Ryzen 5600
B450M DS3H V2 Gigabyte
RX 570 4gb

- Ventura and Sonoma with the same problem


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  • Screenshot 2024-02-17 232401.png
    Screenshot 2024-02-17 232401.png
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  • EFI.zip
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Hp Envy x360 Convertible macOS Sonoma

I am a beginner at Hackintosh/Ryzentosh.I installed macOS Sonoma on my Hp Envy X360 Convertible 15-ds0xxx AMD Ryzen 5 3500U.After installation is complete, when the initial settings screen appears, it freezes or crashes within a few seconds, then immediately restarts and returns to the initial settings screen.In this case, should I change/modify config.plist or Kext? I would be grateful if you could give me some advice.Thank you.

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intel wi-fi ax101

Всем привет

Подскажите, в ноутбуке Chuwi установлен wi-fi модуль intel ax101 (согласно надписи на чипе) Имеется успешно установленная система Mac OS Sonoma, в которой в комплекте модулей модуль PCI идентифицирован как устройства intel killer 1650i, и пишет, что драйвер установлен, но подключение к Интернета нет, на логотипе Wi-Fi горит восклицательный знак. как заустить wi-fi?

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Apps Crashing on AMD

i have already installed hackintosh sonoma in my ryzentosh pc....

running my pc with dual boot (windows 11 and macos 14 sonoma)

my pc configuration :
motherboard : gigabyte aorus A520m elite
processor : Amd Ryzen 5 5600g
gpu : i have no gpu card ( show about mac 512 mb )
Ram : corsair DDR4 3200mhz 8 gb ram
ssd : gigabyte nvme ssd M.2 2280 256gb (usb for boot drive 118gb )

i saw crashing issue . when i open some application that do crash example capcut , adobe photoshop beta too mach

will i do now ?
please help with proper solution

thanks for read attentionally.

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SOLVED OC Does Not Show Boot Picker


I've been trying to install macOS Catalina on an Acer Travelmate P645-S (i5 5200u, HD 5500). I'm able to boot into the installation menu and install macOS to the hard drive; however, I cannot see the boot picker. I've tried setting the minver/mindate to -1, made sure the default picker is enabled and set as "Builtin," but I still cannot see the bootpicker. I also tried to use old versions of OC but still no budge. What seems to be the problem, and how do I fix it?


Here are some snippets of my log file that seems to indicate that OC should already be displaying.

Thank you!


  • opencore-2023-08-20-042511.txt
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Seeking Advice on Ryzen Mobile CPU + Mobile d-Gpu Compatibility with Hackintosh!

Could anyone pl. answer to any of my five questions:

Q 1. If laptops with Ryzen Gen 5-6 mobile CPU with Amd Radeon mobile discrete (dedicated) GPU(s), for e.g., :

  1. RX 6600M
  2. RX 6650M
  3. RX 6800S
  4. RX 6800M
  5. RX 6850M XT
are good enough for installing Hackintosh via OpenCore route or not? Or instead do I need to use desktop computer level hardware components for doing same? Pl. help.

Q 2. Would I be able to get full gpu hardware acceleration on macOS with all or any one mobile discrete gpu afore-mentioned or not? Pl. help.

Q 3. Would there be any complications post-installation of macOS with Ryzen mobile cpu and mobile gpu or not? If yes, what kind? Pl. help to let me know. Advice would be highly appreciated.

Q 4. Is mux switch essential in a laptop to switch-off (integrated APU) i-gpu and connect cpu with (discrete) d-gpu? If i do not have mux switch in my laptop, then can I use BiOS settings to switch-off i-gpu and use on d-gpu for processing all work continously without glitch in my Hackintosh laptop? Pl. help by explaining enough.

Q 5. Is it possible to use the RX 6850M XT (extnl.) or e-gpu like in ASUS ROG Flow X13 (2022) for installing hackintosh? RX 6850M XT eGPU is NOT a dedicated or discrete AMD Gpu as normally required for installating macOS. The e-gpu has a claimed PCiE 3 gpu interface to the mobile cpu. But there is NO dedicated gpu with this laptop. Thus, I am scaptical or unsure if I can install macOS on it. Pl. help.

If anyone knows anything credible then please share. It would be highly appreciated as it would be immensely helpful to not just myself but to others as well - for I need to buy a reliable laptop for hackintosh purpose, as soon as possible.

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Which graphics option is more likely to have better compatibility?

Hello everyone!
The biggest obstacle I'm facing when trying to get a recent version of macOS installed on my computer is graphics support.
More than a year ago I spent quite a lot of time trying to get the Intel HD530 integrated graphics to work on Monterey with no success.
I noticed two guides that could be of help: one for iGPU on Ventura and the other for dGPU on Monterey.

Which should I follow?
Is it likely for nvidia support to be patched in to newer versions of macOS or will I be stranded on Monterey for the foreseeable future like I used to be on Sierra?
Is the functionality for disabling the desktop discrete GPU in favour of using the iGPU working better? I suspect that was the cause of my previous troubles.

Thank you.

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SOLVED Dell XE3 USB 3.0 and Audio issues

I got everything working except usb 3.0 and audio. I tried to get the audio working but I am lost. I followed the guide but when looking in Ioregistryexplorer I didn't understand it. I attached my EFI folder and the DSDT file I created from windows before I got Ventura installed on the hardware. any advice? thanks in advance


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  • DSDT.zip
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New to opencore need help

Its been years since i built a hackintosh system, and last i did i used clover. well i had acquired a Dell XE3 with i7-8700 cpu @ 3.20ghz. a q370 chipset, and i am absolutely catching hell with the bootable usb drive setup. With clover i could make a usb, and install clover to the drive and add kext etc, apparently Opencore isnt that easy. i need help if someone can spare the time.

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SOLVED Instant wake after sleep with black screen

Hi everyone! I am new to the hackintosh community and this is my first post here. Recently, I tried to build a hackintosh with the msi z590i unify mothorboard, and one with the msi z590 ace, which is pretty similar to the z590i unify build. The one with z590 ace works pretty good with some minor issues, but the sleep/wake works fine. Although the efi config of the z590i unify one is basically edited from the z590 ace build, the sleep function seems to be broken for some reasons on it.

Here is the hardware:

Motherboard: MSI Z590i Unify
CPU: 10700k
Graphics: Rx 5300
Wifi & BT: Onboard Ax210
OS X: macOS Monterey 12.6
Bootloader: OpenCore
Mac: iMac20,2

It wakes immediately after going into sleep. And it just goes into a loop of continuously sleep and wake with black screen until I use the keyboard or mouse to wake it. I've tried to disconnect all usb devices and ethernet, and it still failed. The onboard ax210 wifi&BT module was enabled in bios, but I didn't include drivers for it and the usb port of BT wasn't mapped as well. I also tried to disabled it in the bios but the result remained the same. So I don't think it was the cause.

I looked up into the wake reason and found out the RP04 was the only reason, but there was no RP04 in my system. That's just weird.

Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 4.53.29 AM.png

Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 5.55.44 AM.png

The usb ports are all properly mapped. And the internal usb2.0 hub connector is set to intenal type as well, even though there is no device connected to it for now. I used the USBToolBox to map them. Both the UTBMap.kext with USBToolBox.kext and the USBMap.kext with Apple native management methods were tested, but the sleep still failed. I also tried using the universal ssdt files provided by the OpenCore guide and then generating my own ssdt files with SSDTTime. Make no difference in both cases.

Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 5.03.55 AM.png

The pmset seems fine as well.

Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 5.04.04 AM.png

The igpu is enabled for HW acceleration and set to display mode framebuffer 00009B3E since empty framebuffer for headless mode doesn't work at all. The z590 ace build has the same setting for igpu and the sleep function works fine, so I don't think it's cause.

I really have no idea of what affected the sleep function. Any ideas or help are much appreciated. The z590i unify is such a great option for hackintosh and I really want to make it work as perfect as I can. Spent many days on it. Hoping someone here can help me. Thank you!

Here is the PR files including EFI and ioreg.


  • EFI & ioreg.zip
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