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Mac Os Sonoma Kernel Panic

Before upgrading to Sonoma, did you updated the EFI, the AMD Kernel Patches and the related kexts? If not, you must update them first.

Secondly, why are you using EnableWriteUnprotector and RebuildAppleMemoryMap together?
yes, i did update the kernel patches and the kexts to the latest version (now i managed to install ventura)
and i have no idea why i had both on lol maybe i forgot the while troubleshooting

[IN PROGRESS] Monterey on HP Compaq Elite 8300 All-In-One

I made a screen recording, but its size does not fit here. I put it there : https://workupload.com/file/QZKTmFjeR9k

If you watch it, you'll notice 1024x768 => it's because I need to connect the capture device to the DP connector of the AIO. In this case, the system lowers the resolution by itself, I dunno why.
Otherwise, AIO alone, it's 1280x1024.

I also included config.plist used in the video.
Hoping you'll find that useful :)


  • configPLIST.zip
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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone 🙂I am thrilled by the idea of running MacOS on my PC hardware. I am a total noob, but I managed to run MacOS Sonoma 14.1 on my Beelink SER5 Max hardware. However, is not running smoothly, and bluetooth not working. I am here to learn how to fix this, and I am sure I will find help!


Edit: I am using exactly this EFI specifically, which seems tailored for my machine (I have exactly the same hardware): https://github.com/daliansky/Beelink-SER5-Hackintosh

Bluetooth is sometimes working sometimes not, the system has accelerated graphics and the performance looks fine until it freezes for few seconds and then is smooth again, then randomly freezes again, and then smooth again.
Moreover, sometimes I get random reboots out of the blue.
Do you think those issues are fixable? or am I pretending too much?

Ethernet Compatibility List for macOS [1GbE, 5GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 50GbE, 100GbE]

I also have AX210 and it works without problems in Sonoma with both the Mellanox CX4121A-ACAT ConnectX-4 and Intel XXV710-DA2 cards. But I also wanted to have all the features available like Airdrop, etc. Hence, I wanted to have a working Fenvi T919 at the same time. I tried Ventura - there these cards work together without any problems. But this is understandable, because T919 has native support in Ventura and there is no need to block anything. I also tried the legacy Broadcom BCM94331. According to this guide:
I tried to load corecaptureElCap.kext and IO80211ElCap.kext kexts, exactly like here:
I tried this on both Sonoma and Ventura, but without success. In the PCIE device list, the card appears as a card with drivers loaded. The system assigns them the "en.." port, but that's all. It does not appear in the list of wi-fi devices, as someone shows here:
OCLP fix will not help in this case until the card is correctly recognized as a Wi-Fi device. The card is of course functional - it works properly in Windows.

GUIDE How to Enable Intel HD and UHD Graphics on macOS - Intel Framebuffer Patching Guide

Please help me to stup my HDMI port. I have already tried busID's 1,2,3,4,5,6 and nothing works. My usc-c doesn't support video/audio streaming (apparently con1) so HDMI may probably be treated as only external port. More info in the attachments.
Thank you for any suggestion.
Firstly, check if the external ports are tied to IGPU or not.

Problem new hackintosh installation macOS Sonoma

Hi everyone, I'm trying to make my second hackintosh but with poor results, I have an MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi motherboard, an Intel Core i9 11900KF processor and an AMD RX 6750XT 12 GB PowerColour video card.
I read that the video card needs nootRX to work, initially I get this error, what did I do wrong? what can I do? Could someone help me please? A thousand thanks.
Your EFI is not as per the guide

Start here:
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Problem with instalation sonoma 14.3.1

I successfully installed sonome on this drive, but the problem of resets continues this time when I reboot os system, the same situation happens as when installing. The computer reboots with "100" times to get the system to load, of course I replaced the EFI folders with my configuration. This is restart loop on attempt to startup...
Can you explain it more clearly?

Acer Nitro 5 - Continuous hissing noise with 3.5 Combojack headphones ALC295

update: I also followed your guide on how to enable write access on root volume but when I try to copy the had-verb and Jackfix files to the usr/bin folder either manually or with terminal using sudo I get "operation not permitted" or "no permission to read" as you can see below.
That's not required for this fix.

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GUIDE How to Fix Bluetooth on macOS Monterey and Later

macOS Sonoma 14.4 on KVM virtual machine via UNRAID.
1) Here is my EFI.
2) Systemreport attached.
3) Complete Kextstat attached.
What do you mean with PR Files? Which one do you need? Please tell me how exactly I can get what you want there...
Thx in advance!
Have you passthrough the USB Controller or the specific BT Device to the macOS?

Attach a copy of IOReg to diagnose further.

Radeon Pro WX4100 not working on macOS Sonoma

Can’t get it to work in Monterey either. Using the same EFI for Monterey and Sonoma. OC version is 0.99 and latest Kexts. Run Windows 11 with a monitor on HDMI off of iGPU and another screen off of DP of dGPU in W11. However, DP port on dGPU never gets past Apple logo. After long boot time can only get iGPU display. System Report shows the graphics card. Even shows a kext loaded for it. But no output. The long boot time is indicative of something wrong with the graphics configuration.
Attach the EFI you're using to boot.